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EA is gay

Posted: aprilie 13, 2012 in categoria "don't be aggressive to me"
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After the „great succes” of gay relations included the latest Elder Scrolls  game, Skyrim, it was time for Electronic Arts to smell the back door trend, opening the enviroment of games like Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic to every gay gamer around the world eager to virtualy engage  in something more cozy than a light sabre fight or a boring „to infinity and beyond space action drama”. But that was too much for every god-fearing american, mostly residents from Florida, who flooded EA with thousands of letters, objecting the new very gay orientation of the latest company’s products. In respons to the accusations, Jeff Brown,  chief spokesperson for EA, said: „EA has not been pressured by any groups to include LGBT characters in our games”.

Of course not! They did it by free will, because in a world in which homosexuality becomes pandemic, especially in the egalitarian, emasculated, western society, the GAY MARKET is not something to ignore. All this gay content games that appeared over night has nothing to do with anti-discrimination politics, social rights and so on. It’s  just the will of  companys like EA to get a HUNK from the very jucey GAY MONEY  out there.

And, parents which are worried for their kids turning gay after playing gay Mass Effect 3, I’m  telling you, don’t be. They will not become more gay than after listening  some Lady Gaga’s music followed by some Justin Bieber good for pedophiles charming videos.